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This Month I have some great paranormal Thrillers.

I don’t read a lot of vampire, werewolf, shift-changer books. But I must say REBORN captured my attention, my interest and I kept wanting to turn the page. I became deeply involved and really enjoyed this story.

She couldn’t move, could only stand there and suffer the exquisite heat of their bodies molded together.

He growled, and she closed her eyes, absorbing his scent. Unlike what she had just fought, he smelled like the earth scorched by sunlight. He was exciting, and images of a blazing hearth and tangled limbs came to mind. She wanted him and the realization was as surprising as it was embarrassing.

She tilted her face up and was immediately lost in the gold depths of his eyes, more human than beast. Different. Time and place disappeared into nothingness.

He reached for her finally and the movement snapped their connection.

“State your business,” she hissed. Her hands closed into fists.

He sniffed.

“Enough, dog.” She struck him, jolting him backward. He was quicker and bigger than the others but still no match for her. Or was he? She dismissed the errant thought. He was just an animal and she was a Princess of the Blood with the essence of an ancient master running through her.

Catching him by the mane, she flipped him forward. The huge blond and silver-haired thing landed hard in front of her, but immediately recovered, jumping up into an offensive position. He growled, but didn’t attack. He backed away as upright as a human, with hind claws that clanked on the gravel.

His neck stretched and the aura around him thickened and sizzled. After a couple of pops, he shifted from wolf mixture into full naked human.

She gaped.

I would too. And this is only the beginning. . .


Marie Josette d’Orgemont, cousin to Louis XVI, watched in horror, as a rogue creature took her husband’s life before turning on her. A powerful vampire swept in and spared her life, but she never suspected that surviving meant immortality or the price she’d have to pay to protect her surviving son.

Centuries later in Miami, with her family on the verge of extinction, Marie is preoccupied with the continuation of her human bloodline. When she meets sexy and persistent, Odin Ulfsson, his icy-blue gaze and burning touch are hard to resist.

Will a forbidden romance with the Nordic werewolf be the key to her happiness or will it set in motion a wrath that endangers not only her last human heir but her entire existence?




Website: www.janeederlyn.com,  Twitter: Jane Ederlyn @ediojeda  https://twitter.com/ediojeda,  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/janeederlyn,  GoodReads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32610324-reborn,  Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/janeederlyn/,  Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/JaneEderlyn/,  Night Owl Reviews: https://www.nightowlreviews.com/V5/Authors/Jane-Ederlyn


 My Next Teaser

I’m alive.

The first drag of cold air into her lungs burned like acid. Her fingers stung, deep under the nail beds as she clawed out from the hard ground. She tried moving her legs, but her energy waned fast. No matter how hard she wrestled out of the hole, the lower half of her body was bound in the heavy cemented earth.

The sharp wind layered her like an icy blanket. A prickled sensation skated across her skin like razorblades. She shivered in pain.

“Slow down, Harold and tell me what you found.” Elias kept his tone even. First time anyone had to call him before dawn since he took over the chief position four months ago, and it had to be one of his childhood friends.

“A naked woman, dammit!”

Buried secrets won’t stay buried because the dead will tell. 

I had to keep turning the page in my desperate thirst to find out who-done-it. A great mystery.

Amnesia and an unspeakable crime have stolen everything from Jane Doe except for the haunting image of a girl in a yellow dress, which replays itself over in her mind.

Small town cop Elias McAvoy is haunted as well, by the crushing guilt he feels over the deaths of two women, one by his own hand. He can’t–he won’t–let Jane down too.

But as the killer reappears, intent on finishing what he started, Elias must face his demons in order to save the woman he fell in love with, or die trying.



www.cjwarrant.com, www.facebook.com/cjwarrantauthor/, www.twitter.com/cjwarrant, www.instagram.com/cjwarrant/, www.pinterest.com/cjwarrant/, www.tumbler.com/cjwarrant/, www.goodreads.com/cjwarrant/, https://www.amazon.com/Forgetting-Jane-CJ-Warrant/dp/1625263783/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1486140740&sr=8-1&keywords=cj+warrant


  My Next Teaser

For the second night in a row, Noblesse slept in the arms of Donovan Dupre.

Inside her dream, she screamed.

“Noble, wake up. Noble, you’re having a nightmare again.” He gently shook her.

Noblesse blinked and stared at him, confused for several moments. “Donovan,” she said half-in surprise, then hugged him for all she was worth.

“What happened, Sha? Last night you wouldn’t tell me, but tonight, please, you must.”

 Noblesse opened her eyes. Frustration stung in uncomfortable places throughout her body. “We know how we feel about each other. That’s why when I’m upset I call to your mind. I know I’m safe in your arms. It’s more than a need. The bond between us runs deep. Don’t deny what you feel, Donovan. Our emotions are entangled, hot and wild.”

 “Noble, if I make love to you, then you are mine. But somewhere out there is a vampire who is your lifemate. If you left me, my heart would break. I would kill him or die trying before I’d give you up. So you see, my beautiful Noble, we can go no further. It’s time to get up and rejoin the world.”

 Will the hot Cajun in New York get the vampire king’s daughter?

 Noblesse is the daughter of the Vampire King of New York Maximillion Vander Meer. In the two hundred years she’s been a vampire, Noblesse has never found a true love or discovered what happened to her mother who disappeared just prior to the French Revolution.

Noblesse has to choose between two men. Both profess their love. Both are keeping a secret from her. One wants to destroy her, and one wants to love her forever. But which one?






  My Next Teaser

“You wouldn’t betray me, would you?” Damnam strode forward and cupped Maya’s face between his hands, staring down at her. The effect was hypnotic, and Maya closed her eyes against the intense blue.

“Of course I wouldn’t.” A seed of anger sprang to life, and her voice rose. “I’m not stupid. What do you think I’m going to do?”

“It sounded like you had joined the dark circle.” Damnam’s voice held the force of the tides. “I’ve been betrayed once by a witch I trusted. I won’t be happy if it happens again.”

“How dare you suggest I’d do that sort of magic? It’s an abomination.” Maya jerked her head in an attempt to pull away from Damnam, whose grip on her face tightened. Her own temper bubbled in her throat; she could feel rage rising from her core. She opened her eyes and pushed at him. “Let go of me.”

Damnam ignored her and pressed his face against her neck. “Circe? I can smell Circe on you. What have you been doing?” His voice had dropped to a threatening rumble. The room echoed with distant thunder.

Maya resisted the urge to ram her forehead into his nose. She couldn’t afford to unleash her temper. “She followed me after this afternoon’s circle practise. She wants to lead the circle.”

“What did she offer you?”

“Nothing I wanted. She tried to force me.” Maya lost patience. “Let me go Damnam, or I might have to get violent.”

When a witch threatens violence, you can only imagine her power. If you like demi-gods, seawitches, magic and adventure, you will like this book.

Damnamenos, youngest son of Poseidon, has always viewed himself as a modern demi-god; an equal opportunities sorcerer who runs an international business empire while plotting revenge on his faithless ex-lover. He likes to think that he has his life under control, but when evil threatens his world he needs to summon all his old magic to deal with it.

Maya Redcar, a young witch just coming into her full power, finds herself leading her coven’s fight against a corrupt and insane sorcerer. Realising that the witches are outclassed, she joins forces with her old nemesis, Damnamenos, to confront the enemy in his East African lair.

Together, Maya and Damnam face old lovers, cursed seawitches, demon-born babies and unreasonable parents, on their quest to save the world. Their growing attraction could be a source of strength or, as Maya fears, a new point of vulnerability as they are torn apart by their enemy’s magic


Please visit Annalisa Carr here : Website: www.annalisacarr.com,


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