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Don’t you just love it when you get a tid­bit, you read faster, your heart races, and all of a sud­den .…… cliffhanger.

Every month I offer spots in my newsletter where we can get a snip­pet of a story that arouses the reader — hints at mystification — a quickening that stirs the blood.

    Happy  Fall !      

For the month of October I have a wonderful selection. From historical romance, to paranormal and suspense, the electric current between the hero and heroine is ecstatic!

My First Teaser 

Without warning, he yanked her next to him, leaned in, and covered her mouth with his.

Her arms fell to her sides uselessly, as her lips responded beneath his, unbidden. Their teeth and tongues clashed, seeking, taking. Heat and energy roared inside her, around her like an inferno.

Before today, she’d never seen this man. But she knew him on some level, as sure as constellations blazed in the night sky, century after century. He smelled of sawdust and hard work. And something else. Cedar. She basked in the scent growing stronger with each passing second.

His cheeks were sandpaper on hers. There was nothing tender in his touch. Heady with the taste of him, she gulped him down like a full-bodied wine meant for sipping. Raw desire walloped her, and if she’d had any lingering doubts about her decision to follow him, he’d buried them six feet under.

She pressed a hand to his chest, slid her palm over chambray, the muscle beneath hardened from labor. A moan grew in her throat, escaping her lips. She curled her fingers around the back of his neck, over smooth skin hot to the touch, and into his hair with its coarse, uneven layers. Her fingertips grazed his collar and the leather strap around his neck.

He grabbed her by the wrist and flung her arm away like he’d been burned.


See what I mean?  


REBECCA E. NEELY, AUTHOR  ~  Romance. Paranormal. Suspense.


A sucker for a happy ending, Rebecca strives to write the kind of stories she loves to read—

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My Next Teaser 

Unbutton your dress?” Nick repeated. It wasn’t possible he’d heard those words in that order.

“Have you spent a single minute of your life bound within layers of corset, shift, and tightly buttoned dress? Has this ever been required for one of your spy missions?”

He couldn’t miss the scorn in her voice. “Never.”

“Then you’ll have to trust me when I suggest that it’s a bloody fantastic idea for you to unbutton me. You’ve done it before, in case you’ve forgotten.”

“I haven’t,” he said, his voice incapable of more than a low, gravelly rumble.

She blinked, and a moment passed.

Reason bade Nick exit the room and abandon the entire proposition. Under no circumstance should he close the distance between them and place his hands on Mariana’s body. Paper thin layers of chartreuse silk and muslin between his fingers and her skin wouldn’t be enough.

A few quick steps could carry him to her.

A few quick steps could undo him.

Again . . . feel the current?

Paris, September 1824 Lord Nicholas Asquith needs his wife. Too bad he broke her heart ten years ago. Can he resist a second chance at the love he lost?

When Mariana catches the eye of the man at the center of an assassination plot, Nick puts aside their painful past and enlists her to obtain information by any means necessary, even if it means seducing the enemy agent. Even if the thought makes his blood boil. Only by keeping his distance from Mariana these last ten years was he able to pretend indifference to her. With every moment spent with her, he feels his tightly held control slipping . . .

Can she trust the spy who broke her heart?

Mariana spent the last decade forgetting Nick. Now she has the chance to best him at his own game, an opportunity she can’t resist, even as her view of him begins to shift. Increasingly, she wants nothing more than to seduce her own husband . . .  It’s only a matter of time before mad passion ignites, a passion never convincingly extinguished. A passion that insists on surrendering to the yearning of the flesh and, quite possibly, of the heart.


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My Next Teaser

Julian strolled in the direction of the Diving Duck, his thoughts turning automatically to the impossible Miss Warren.

In his imagination, he ignored her scowl and her sharp tongue and pondered her breasts. Would her nipples be pink or brown, large or small?

As for her legs . . . she had a well-turned ankle, but he would give something to get a glimpse of her calves.

And thighs.

He raised his eyes and got his wish. Far more than a glimpse, and entirely for free.

What the devil was she doing on the roof?


And your thinking . . . is he looking up under her skirt . . .


A death threat draws them together. Will her past force them apart?

Disgraced lady Daisy Warren serves ale in a tumbledown inn, sings crude songs for the smugglers, and writes romantic novels in her spare time. Shunned by her own class, she’s resigned to her lowly life—until someone tries to kill her.

Gentleman spy Sir Julian Kerr noses out seditionists and traitors. When he visits the inn to investigate two suspicious Frenchmen, he meets the lovely but hostile Daisy. He doesn’t intend to get involved with her—but then he learns that someone is threatening her life.

He wants to find out more—it’s part of his investigation.

He wants to protect her—he’s a chivalrous man.

He just wants her.    

But will Daisy’s bitter past allow her to risk love again?   CLICK ON BOOK TO BUY NOW!


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