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 February – The month for Love





“I’m a governess, Mr. Avery,” she said softly. Well, sort of. “Not a nursemaid.”

“Do you want the job or not?”

Ivy ran her gaze over the handsome gentleman in front of her. If she didn’t find what her parents would call a properjob, she would be out on the sttreets. Her landlady was already demanding this week’s rent and she had no food and few belongings left to pawn.

And she could not go back to her family home. She simply could not. They would be thrilled to see her dreams had come to nothing. And Mothe would dig out the nearest old, crusty, weatlthy man she could find and have her married off before she had even put a foot on the doorstep.

“Ido,” she said huskily. His brash stare made her feel like shrinking into herself while her body tingled with awareness.

Mr. Avery might be handsome but he appeared to be quite the commanding man too. She hoped they didn’t clash.

 Will he regret his decision to hire her? Or will he enjoy taking on the exotic creature with those dark, expressive eyes?


August Avery, a renowned civil engineer, has found himself the sole custodian of his cousin’s six month old daughter and he needs assistance—fast. He understands how to build railways, to construct bridges and to save the railway tycoons thousands of pounds. He doesn’t understand, however, how to care for a child.

When Ivy Davis turns up at his door looking for work, he believes his prayers are answered. If only the exotic, exuberant young woman wasn’t such a distraction from his busy workload.

Ivy finds herself swayed by the handsome and slightly desperate August into working for him. With her singing career failing before it even started and no other talents, she decides looking after a young child cannot be so hard… surely?

But the child may be the least of her worries. Her handsome, brooding master keeps her awake more than the baby. Add to that her desire to achieve her dreams of singing on stage and the machinations of the indomitable Mrs Pepperwhite who sees her as competition for August’s hand, Ivy finds this simple job growing more difficult by the day—as does her desire for her master…

You’ll find Samantha Holt writing hot heroes, whatever the era.


Five historical romances from five of your favorite authors:





MANDY by Claudy Conn


“Ruthven,” Lord Harley blurted. “What are you doing here?”

“The same thing ye and Lady Copeland are doing.”

Annabelle stared. Ruthven?

“You can’t barge into my private study and make accusations,” Lord Harley snapped. “For your information, Lady Copeland and I have business.”

Ruthven’s gaze shifted past them to Annabelle as he leaned a shoulder against the doorjamb and crossed his arms over his broad chest. “Just as Lady Annabelle and I have business.”

“I—”Annabelle began, but her words tangled when his brown eyes darkened with unmistakable heat.

Lord Harley looked at her. “I wasn’t aware you knew Lord Ruthven.”

“Do you know all of Lady Annabelle’s friends?” Lord Ruthven asked.

“No, no, of course not.” His brow furrowed, then his stare turned hard. “This is low, even for you, Ruthven. Lady Annabelle is a young lady of good breeding.”

Annabelle took a step toward them. “There has been a—”

“There is no use denying it, love.” Ruthven straightened, brushed past the two, and came to her side.

She tilted her head back to maintain eye contact.

One corner of his full mouth lifted in a sensual smile. “We have been caught.”

Holy —–. Are you intrigued? Can’t wait to find out what happens?  Neither can I .









“Look out!”

Megan saw a blur of cream through her lens, and was about to put down the camera when something connected with the side of her skull. She screamed, the only reaction she could manage. An explosion went off in her head. Tiny sparks flashed on the edge of her vision as she fell backward. Her mind filled with something like a night sky, black with tiny lights that crept further into her vision every time she blinked. It fascinated and distracted her from the pain that throbbed in her head.

She thudded on her backside on the concrete. A new wave of pain swept through her body. Air escaped from her lungs and Megan gasped. She managed to piece together that she’d been hit in the head, though by what exactly she wasn’t sure. People rushed towards her.

“Are you okay?” A man knelt beside her. He was one of the men she’d been distracted by. She tried to look at him, but could only see the flashing stars now retreating to the edge of her vision. A fog seeped into her mind and she struggled to think clearly.

“Shit.” He rested his hand on her shoulder. “My Bruce hit your head, more like grazed it along the side from the looks of the mark, but still I’m sorry he was such a shit.”

“Bruce?” Megan looked at him, trying to understand. “Is that your name?”

“No. My bull. His hoof struck your head. Lucky it was only a half jump he made, and it wasn’t a full on blow.”

What a way to meet a guy. A city girl and a hot cowboy – what else could you want. He is sweet, caring, and the attraction glimmers from the word GO. An enjoyable read.

Megan is a young photographer with her first real job at the Royal Adelaide Show, where she has to capture the agricultural event. As a city girl, she is clueless, and when she gets too close to a grumpy bull, she is kicked in the head.

Guilty that his bull hurt someone and aware of the painful side effects of head injuries due to the loss of his sister, Jackson takes care of Megan.

Megan is determined that she will be all right and continues photographing during the day before collapsing. Jackson is there to make sure she is taken to hospital and cared for.

Recovering, Megan finds herself drawn to Jackson, but she’s not sure that she can be anything than a city girl, even for love. Can Jackson, in his quiet, strong, country-boy style, convince her to take life in a new direction, with him?


Lilliana has grown up on a farm in Australia, and has now swapped her work boots for city heels. Country life remains strong in her heart and this comes out in the characters and stories she creates. Check out more of her work: www.lillianarose.com

Use these links to find Lilliana Rose: Website: www.lillianarose.com, Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lilliana-Rose/364908566932463, Twitter: https://twitter.com/LillianaRose2, Pinterest: https://au.pinterest.com/lillianarose8/, Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6567838.Lilliana_Rose?from_search=true, Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lillianarose11/







 Mad Monkey is her name and barn finds are her game until Love comes to town.

A black car entered the cemetery parking lot and stopped. Maddie’s heart stopped with it. A limousine. Not even the dead rode in limos in this town. Tinted windows hid the face of the person in the rear seat, but it had to be him. The coward. Sneaking a peek without having to actually make an appearance.

“Ashes to ashes,” the pastor droned, as emotions banged around in her heart like trapped ghosts. Anger. Grief. Dread. Twenty years since her father had dumped her on Grandpa’s Kentucky farm. She hadn’t seen him since. Did she want to? Hell no.

What could he have to say to her after all this time? Sorry? Forgive me?

She dragged her gaze from the coffin back to the limousine just as a black-tinted window slid down, revealing a young, strikingly handsome face. One she didn’t recognize.

Who is this handsome stranger showing up at the graveyard of all places?

A little mystery with a lotta romance.

 Twenty-five-year-old Maddie Kerrigan is known at Midwest auto auctions as the tall, hot babe in the tight jumpsuit and red stilettos. To take her car restoration company to the next level, she must sell a prized family heirloom: a one off, 53’ Cadillac Eldorado in mint condition.

Maddie’s senses go into overdrive when the gorgeous California investor, Nick Berlin, shows up with a blank check in his hand and an irresistible gleam in his eye. He doesn’t know much about old cars, but when Maddie invites him behind the wheel, he’s ready to push the pedal down.

But when a letter from her estranged father claims ownership of the car, and ties Nick to an old family enemy, Maddie puts the brakes on the sale and launches a road trip across country to confront her past. Nick is hot on her trail. Mint Condition, a contemporary romantic mystery is the first in Kat’s Class Love series.



SOCIAL AND LINKS – www.katdrennanbooks.com

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Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/26782681-mint-condition






“You would pick now when I’m all hot and sweaty.”

“I like hot,” he breathed. “Besides, I’m sweaty too.”

“Sweaty on you is sexy. But I need a shower.”

His mouth slid down her jaw to the vein just below her ear. His lips sent wonderful vibrations on her sensitive flesh.

“How about we take one together.”


A determined man, a headstrong woman, and a battle of wills.

Matthew longs for a woman to share his life, not his bank account. He owns a prestigious company that he rules with an iron fist. On his way to an important meeting, a light flirtation turns into more than he expects. He meets a woman with more confidence and strength than most men. Long legs get his attention, but Carrie attracts his interest. The alluring beauty does not need his money, and makes it clear she does not need him. He accepts the unspoken challenge.

Carrie trusts no man. An executive partner, she possesses a confidence that makes her assertive and her aggressiveness toward the male gender is somewhat intimidating. Until a pair of mischievous eyes melts her defenses, and has her second guessing her convictions. The day he shoved her into that cab he must have chiseled a chink in her armor. Matthew charges into her well organized life, cracks the stone wall she’s built and instills an emotion she swore never to allow.

Infatuation and excitement spark a journey of passion and forbidden emotion where two people must overcome their earlier convictions to find an everlasting love.





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