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ThroughtheEyesofBea2_1400 (1)Check out these  5 STAR  Reviews

I’ve read stories from another author on the lives of her family through the centuries. Now Samanthya writes one about the life of her friend and all the turmoil she went through. It left me sighing of how harsh peoples lives were back then with the turmoil and conflict of their lives. It also amazed me how some of those people can move on and become productive and be the total opposite of how they were raised. It brought tears to my eyes as I read this amazing story,but in the end I smiled. It was a great story. Makes you take a step back and think!!
What an amazing look at the life of Bea, beginning from her birth and continuing into her older years. Throughout my reading, I felt as if I were walking alongside of an old family friend and hearing the firsthand account of her years. Samanthya has broken the mold with this one. LOVE IT!
I was given an ARC copy from the author for my honest review.
One woman’s decision and the outcome of her actions had devastating results for her children . A heart wrenching story of life in 1925, a young girls family torn apart by her mothers selfish decision and how these children were scattered to relatives. For Bea and her siblings life would teach them a cruel lesson very early. This is one emotional story of strength ,tragedy , perseverance and love at a time when things were kept hidden .
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