Congratulations to Winners !!

What a GREAT Party on September 1st !

Congratulations to all the winners and the winners of my books!!!

Debra Rolfson – The Right One   –   I had so much fun and enjoyed your comments. I’ve never seen anyone so excited to get an ebook from me.

Patricia Way – Something More  –  Loved your comments. And I noticed you participated on all of my posts and you mentioned how much you like contemporary. I’m thrilled to give you a signed copy.

Barbi Davis – Something More  –  You seemed to have a blast right along with the rest of us. I enjoyed your comments and was thrilled when I offered you a book of your choice, you chose mine.

Sarah Fisher – Somehting More  –  What a fantastic supporter. You interact with my facebook page all the time, and we’ve shown some pretty riske’ pictures. LOL

Happy Reading ladies !  You’re books are on the way !

And don’t forget – The Only One – October 14


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