Can you relate?

Reading a post on SMP, I found some Fabulous advice from CD Hersh. So I’ve taken the ‘guide-tips’ and made a few comments.

Don’t hold yourself to a rigid concept 

I’ve changed my mind so many times within the process, my head should be spinning.

Let the characters take over

Allowing the characters to take over is how book 2 and 3 came to be in my historical series.

Don’t be afraid to delete

OMG How many words, or chapters have I deleted. Once I finally finished my first historical, my 130,000 word MS was cut down to 85,000 words. I thought I was cutting out my heart. But it made a better story.

Don’t force the structure or the plot of the story

A critique partner read two chapters of one of my  ‘WIP’.  She showed me the possibilities of brain storming, and the book could have gone in so many directions. I finally chose one path and published my latest book, “A Hero Grinch for Christmas”.

If all else fails, put the book aside and work on something else.

Boy can I relate to this. I needed a break from edits and decided to write just to be writing and wrote a chapter in modern day involving two girls going on a cruise and meeting men. My first contemporary was born.

Visit this link to view the entire post:

What to Do When Your Story Changes by C.D. Hersh

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