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  “Hello everyone. I write hot, sizzling romance. Even though my first love is historical, I also write contemporary romance. I signed my first contract with Soul Mate Publishing in 2013. Since then I’ve had three books published and two more coming out this year. I have a “Rakes Carpe Diem Series” planned. After those, I have a Fireman Series planned. Who doesn’t love a hunky fireman? My morning usually starts off with coffee in bed—hmmm, you say. Hubby knows how to deliver a cup of coffee to get my morning started off just right. Then I go to my writing cave and greet the world.”

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Tell us a little about what you’re currently working on.

 “Oh Goodie. I’ve just started working on a ‘Rakes Carpe Diem Series’. The men of their ranks are plummeting. Four healthy blooded men, who cringe at the very thought of marriage, know someday they each must face their own nuptials. But before they do, the vow to be the most notorious rakehells of England. But Book 3 in my ‘One and Only Series’ is due to be released in October.”

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