RWA 2015

RWA 2015   Hello World !

What a wonderful experience at The RWA Conference in New York



OMG. What to pack. What to take. Business Casual — but you saw everything. My suggestion, dress for comfort. Something nice and comfortable shoes for LOTS of walking. Something Very Nice or Formal for the ceremonies. Sequins are not necessary unless you are winning an award. But you’ll fit in perfectly if you decide glamour is for you.

Welcome to New York !! Ball closer

 The cab ride was wild.  We had a private cab.Pals We're Here Due to the traffic, the driver tried to keep adding more to the fee the longer we sat in bumper to bumper traffic. Crazy drivers. 1 hour to get to the hotel.  

 Can you believe this sign?

1 sign

We stayed at the “W”, the over flow hotel.  The advantage we had on the Marriott?  Eye Candy                      These guys.

The Soul Mate Publishing Gang!  Thank you Debby for dinner and a fun evening.

SMP gang

How wonderful to meet those you have chatted with on line.

The waiters and waitresses are hoping for the right person to1 Dinner discover them. The entertainment at dinner was wonderful. Such talent! waitress Broadway


20150723_173718  And this guy serenated me, took my fork and fed me, what a hoot!

Jude Deveraux I found some great workshops, but several of the ones I wanted were already full. Sitting on the floor, standing room only, or could not even get in the door. Good thing there were other choices.    My very favorite author Jude Deveraux


Sabrina JefferiesAnother favorite Sabrina Jefferies.  I nearly fell in the floor when she said she’d heard my name.

I met so many amazing authors. And I enjoyed the Publishing House’s author signings.

Brenda Novak    20150723_102207

Jo Beverly             20150723_101202

Learned some great tips on all sorts of material.

1 JavaWrite more books and don’t worry too much about marketing. Have confidence in yourself. Not everyone will like what you write. Just keep writing.

Starbucks made a mint off of the authors!  Chuckles. And I stayed wired, but crashed in bed each night when my head hit the pillow.

20150722_180026 (1)But we were ready to go – go – go –

Time’s Square was – different. Every dress up character available for a picture My friend  went to take her photo with the statue of liberty guy,

“I work for money!”  He said !


Times Square      1 street

Times Sq2        Times Sq

Loved walking the streets and seeing the sights. Lots of shops,

Great Food       juniors         Bubby Gump

Broadway theaters – I so want to see “Phantom of the Opera” !

20150722_195258     20150722_195357      20150722_195219

Back to the Conference.  Golden Heart and Rita Awards. People don’t believe the grandeur of the ceremony, when I mention it is just like Hollywood Oscar and Grammy awards.

20150725_195807  20150725_201216

Thank you for sharing a walk through memory lane at the 2015 RWA Conference in New York !

For those of you who have not been, the first time for a RWA author is an eye opener experience. If you get the chance to go —  GO !  Have a great day !  And remember   . . .

Keep the Spirit !





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